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Let your daughters, will you?

Let your daughters, will you?

A pyre full of rituals

We Indians love hiding behind the veil of culture. A culture of inequality and discrimination.

But the power of social media cannot be denied and that is why many brands have been trying to change the conversations through this medium. Cause marketing has becomes the latest buzzword in the ad world. A video by HAIYYA conceptualized by JWT joins the fray of this marketing.

Labeled #MyDaughterWill, the video talks about the funeral rights that are denied to the Hindu women of all classes.  Featuring real life women, the video highlights another unnecessary ‘tradition.’

A family talks about how the daughters were not allowed to light the funeral pyre of their father for being, well, girls. A woman who was always considered equal in the eyes of her father was not allowed to visit the crematorium when he died. The video is not only about the denial of rights but also features a priest who upholds this sort of denial.

By highlighting instances from real life instead of roping in celebrities, the video achieves its goal of striking a conversation around the topic. One might argue that in a world riddled with sexual abuse, wars, poverty etc these issues are not that important. But challenges to tradition are also extremely important if one wants to see positive changes. After all, a match can start a forest fire. But the only difference is that this forest fire will be a positive one for the change.

This is not the first time that a brand has involved in cause marketing. Whisper’s Bomb squad was a tongue-in-cheek attempt at breaking the superstition and taboos associated with menstruation.

All we can say is keep them coming!


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