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Kicking it, one step at a time

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“My coach said I run like a girl, and I said if he ran a little faster, he could too”

        -Mia Hamm

‘Like a girl’. Every girl and even boys have heard this phrase growing up and even when they are adults. But what is interesting or rather absurd is that this phrase is mostly used as a negative connotation. Like a girl is more of an insult than anything else, implying lesser courage and action.

But Hero MotoCorp is attempting to dismantle this stereotype with their latest campaign #KickingStereotypes. There a number of stereotypes associated with women. All of them are always aimed at making them feel less than their what they are worth.

As a team of soccer playing girls have a face-off on the field and score goal after goal, what they are actually kicking are the stereotypes. Stereotypes about girls only gossiping, not being able to do anything, being asked to keep quiet. With determination in their eyes and do or die spirit, these girls are out to break every single norm the society imposes on them from the moment the doctor says ‘it’s a girl’.

#KickingStereotypes is all about kicking out all those bonds which hold a girl hostage. Alia Bhatt also joins in this noble attempt at asking girls to break free of societal norms.

This is not the first attempt at asking girls to break the stereotypes that the society imposes on a girl. P&G’s Feminine hygiene brand Always #LikeAGirl attempted at reclaiming the word. The video also showed the impact of socialization of women; grown up girls are more prone to fall prey to stereotypes than children. But then again, it is never too late to begin #KickingStereotypes.

Whether or not the commercial is a brand tokenism, it does indeed send out a powerful message of change being never late to come. It begins with one’s determination to change the mindset.



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