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Just the road, no rage

Just the road, no rage

If you think you are sotally tober, call an Ola

When AIB sends you a message this New Year you do not have any option but pay heed to them. Or at least watch their video #PeekeMatChala on a loop till you realize that they are making sense.

New Year’s eve is knocking on our doors and our livers have no option but to brace for the tough week to come. At the same time, it is also important to remember that for us and others around us to enjoy the New Year’s it is necessary to be alive. And what better to way to ensure that than remembering to not drink and drive?.

Driving home this message is AIB in partnership with OLA. Featuring our favorite comedians, the AIB video gives a twist to the Badtameez Dil song from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Tanmay and his gang try to convince his friend regarding the necessity to not drive under the influence of alcohol. Keeping their brand of humor alive, the video shows the three pointers of a drunkard-dancing wildly on the dance floor, making everyone else drink and believing in your soberness.

As his friend complains about the futility of being alive in 2017 given the disaster 2016 was, the video goes into full Bollywood mode. It highlights the hopes that we have from 2017, Trump’s impeachment, freedom of speech, lower denomination notes amongst the rest. Oh and Khamba will also be back.  But since the hopes of untangled earphones are dashed, the drunk friend thinks he has won.

But then the gang comes hits him with the greatest comeback-they all have their birthdays next year. And no one in the world would want to miss their friend’s birthday right? Mission accomplished!

AIB brilliantly combines its humor with marketing in the video. So much so that you actually register the OLA cab at the end. So our hopes for the New Year’s Eve? No price surge on the cabs. Thank you.

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