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It’s my choice


My body, my right, my choice

At a time when the leader of one of the world’s superpower signed an executive order taking away a woman’s right from her own body, two commercials have dared to stand out. These two commercials are all about giving a woman the right and the choice to make conscious decisions about their own lives.

The commercial by Titan Raga makes a pertinent point about motherhood. It talks about how motherhood is a choice, not an obligation. No one has any business poking their nose into whether or not a woman wants to have a child. Motherhood does not define a woman; a woman chooses to be a mother.

A mother-to-be at her baby shower heaps praises on her own mother when asked to talk about her feelings. She thanks her mother for not considering her birth to be a sacrifice. She as a daughter was as important to her mother as her traveling. Her mother made her own stories and her daughter was an important chapter in it. In fact, she even completed her Ph.D. at the age of 45. The girl hopes to be like her mother who would be able to live with the choice she made because she wanted it. After all, Titan is all about Khud Se Naya Rishta.

Another commercial that caught our eyes about the agency of a woman is the commercial by PCJ. Diamonds may still be a woman’s best friend, but she can also afford them on her own. She does not need a man to gift it to her as the commercial cleverly shows.

As a woman with beautiful diamond earrings walks into a party, her choice of jewelry is complimented upon. The man assumes that it has been gifted to her by her investment banker husband. But the husband points out that he has been sitting at home for the past 6 months while the wife has been earning. That, however, does not make her the man of the house. She is the woman of the house who can take care of herself as well the necessities of others. It is all about having a choice and the freedom to exercise it.

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