Instructions off the plane

Instructions off the plane

The one time you actually pay attention to safety procedures

Raise your hands if you have ever actually paid attention to the safety instruction on a flight. No right? We consider it to be repetitive and boring and would rather be flipping through the pages of a magazine than think about a ‘Lost’ like situation.

Air New Zealand, however, plans to change this constantly wavering attention of the passengers. To make up for your fleeting attention on the aircraft, the passenger airline gives you doses of the instructions. Framed in the form of commercials, the safety instructions are imparted amidst situations not happening in the aircraft but in the outside world.

Their latest commercial is an adrenaline filled one. A young man Jayden is off on an adventure in New Zealand, meeting celebrities who tell him about the safety precautions. While Rachel Hunter welcomes him to Northland, others like Zoe Bell, Joe Naufahu etc keep on imparting him the necessary instructions while showing the audience the beautiful landscape of New Zealand.

This commercial, apart from being visually captivating, helps the audience actually register the safety manuals for a change. It is not the first time that Air New Zealand has come up with such brilliant idea to keep the audience engaged.

Its Hollywood Safety, starring Anna Farris and Rhys Darby took talks about the safety instructions in true Hollywood style. While shooting a number of films within the commercial, flight attendants cue in on the right safety precautions.

The Most Epic Safety Video Ever made plays on New Zealand’s reputation of being the Middle Earth. Starring Elijah Woods, Peter Jackson and a host of other stars; the commercial gives the audience safety instructions in Middle Earth itself. In fact, the visuals are also almost similar to the Lord of The Rings Franchise making for an interesting watch.

If only they would play these videos on all flights. Flight attendants would be able to save a lot of time.

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