As Indian as it can get

As Indian as it can get

If you can’t beat them, join them

The recent cricket tiffs between India and Australia have seen quite a lot of red both on and off the field. Taking advantage of this, a new commercial is doing the rounds building up the hype about how to defeat Indians.

The coach in the commercial has a master plan to defeat his opponents. This involves asking his players to behave like Indians. This means not only playing like Indians on an uneven and wet pitch but also relaxing like them, eating the way they eat and if the need be, even dancing like them.

But the twist at the end of the commercial will leave you in splits because all this while you were thinking it is a cricket strategy. But watch it here to know what the commercial is actually all about. And no it is NOT a secret ploy to defeat the Men in Blue.

Well played, Lufthansa!

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