My house will be yours when you get married

Note to self: Get married before looking for a house

As a bachelor in a new city looking for a house, the only long lasting relationship that ever develops is probably with the broker. One has a better chance of finding Narnia than a bachelor-friendly house. The reasons for not giving a house seem to be the most flabbergasting ones-party, party with alcohol, late night meetings with the opposite sex, and party again. All these universal traits of bachelors seem to be in direct opposition of the cultural ethos of Indians.

According to most flat owners in India, one can move out of their parent’s home only after marriage. Before that, there is no way that they would destroy the purity of their house with rowdy bachelors.

Nestaway has caught on to this plight of bachelors and released a satirically hilarious commercial about the same.

Two friends request the regular Sharma-ji /Verma-ji to rent out his flat to them. That flat will be their new home, but renting out a flat to bachelors is totally nada for him. So here is the solution for the bachelor’s –fake marry your friend and along with the house you also get the unknown Sharma-ji/Verma-ji’s blessings.

Or. Nestaway has a better option. Just use their website and find out bachelor friendly homes that also fit your budget. Nestaway helps you find With a  #HomesThatDon’tDiscriminate. No more compromising on your dream home. And maybe party away. Or not.

With a sensible campaign thought#HomesThatDon’tDiscriminate, Nestaway reinforces its offerings to bachelors in a way few brands are even . No more compromising on your dream home. And maybe party away. Or not.

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