A hotel made up of trash – Hotel Corona Save the beach


One of the most beautiful cities in the world has one of the world’s filthiest hotel.

Corona Save the beach project was initiated to spread awareness about the sorry state of the European beaches. Although the team cleaned beaches and enlightened some, the rubbish continued to pile on. To let people experience the outcome of throwing trash, the team constructed a temporary hotel, the Corona Save the Beach Hotel. It is the first hotel in the world to be created using rubbish!

The hotel is designed by a German garbage artist, HA Schult, using 12 tons of garbage. The hotel was created using skateboards, clothing, old tires, fishing nets, plastic bags and even a mannequin’s leg. The five room hotel was opened on the World’s Environment Day in Rome and was fully booked within hours.

The campaign aimed to enlighten people that if we continue to treat our environment the way we are, we will soon be surrounded by garbage!

See the campaign here:

Source: CoronaSaveTheBeach YouTube
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