Helping is divine: This ad by Surf excel is sure to move your hearts


“Kisi ki madad karna bhi aik ibadat hai. Aur agar madad karne mein daagh lag jain, tou daagh acche hain”

The Ramadan special ad by Surf excel carries this beautiful message and depicts the divine Ramadan wonderfully. It is seldom we come across such ads that makes you smile and also teary at the same time.

The ad shows kids celebrating the Ramadan evening, all decked up in new kurtas. Suddenly one of them notices an old man in trouble (something unnoticed by passer-byers). And instead of enjoying the fest, he and his friends dash to help the man. The kids become the hero of the day and even the mother who has to wash the stained clothes simply smiles at the wisdom and courteousness of the kids. The background song and the little boys’ swag only adds to this beautifully made ad.

This happy-sad ad is definitely something of the rack for Surf. And we like this change of tone Surf excel has bought in its ad. Do you?

So is it a tear or a smile ?

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