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The Hello Happiness phone booth by Coca-Cola


Spreading happiness by giving a few minutes of talk time with family

Coke’s Dubai campaign puts light on one of the prevalent issues of laborers in the Gulf region. Thousands of South Asian laborers come to Gulf regions like Dubai to work for a better future. Coke came up with a “Happiness” activation campaign to give a brief moment of joy to these laborers. Along with Y&R Dubai, Coke’s ambitious activation campaign helped connect the laborers with their families.

The laborers in the Gulf earn something around ~$6/day, which makes it difficult for them to connect with their families on a daily basis. In the campaign, Coke installed special phone booths at a labor camp in Dubai. The booth accepts coca cola bottle caps instead of coins to place a call. Once you put in the cap, you get 3 minutes of free international call. The campaign

The video shows the caps being inserted are of 500ml Coke bottles which costs around 2.5 AED. So you not only call for $0.68 for 3 minutes (instead of $0.91/min) but also get a Coke 🙂

See the happiness campaign here:

Source: Coca-cola YouTube channel
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