Happiness on wheels: A Coke truck that delivers joy


A sequel to the “Happiness Machine” campaign by Coca-Cola

Coke took happiness to the streets quite literally. The brand launched a “Happiness Truck” campaign as a continuation to its Happiness Machine campaign which had already got more than 3 million views. A giant red Happiness Truck hit the roads of Rio de Janeiro delivering happiness on the go.

A simple coca cola truck was seen spreading doses of happiness in the streets of Rio, Brazil. On the press of a button, the truck dispensed not only the fizzy coke, but also sunglasses, surfboards, balloons, beach balls etc. A similar campaign was run in New York city where the truck dispensed balloon animals to pizzas and sandwich. The red truck was also seen in Phillippines, Russia, Armenia, India, London, Kenya, Mexico, Egypt and many other places.

So where will happiness strike next?

See the Brazil campaign here:

The campaign in India:

The campaign in Canada:

The Philippines campaign:

The Russian campaign:

Source: Coca-Cola YouTube channel
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