Going cashless is a noteworthy effort

Going cashless is a noteworthy effort

Note to self: Notes are no more needed

If we can’t have notes let us just enjoy being cashless. After all, not carrying a wad of notes in your wallet is a kind of relief against pickpockets.
Trying to find a silver lining in every cloud is what defines the millennial generation. And this is what companies are banking upon in the era of cash crunch. Why stand in front of ATMs when you have the option of pushing your limits in the digitized economy.

With the  500 and 1000 notes being worthless, Paytm was probably the first company to celebrate the move. It rolled two advertisements inciting customers to use their app but were criticized. Making up for its faux pa, it showcased other promotional ads which were more sensitive in their approach.

Now, Freecharge is also trying to build upon the cashless mood of the nation. The advertisement, focusing on a millennial tells us not to worry about not having cash. The person is in a dilemma about ordering a veg or non-veg dish and then adjusting his transportation and coffee money. However, with Freecharge, we do not have to worry about paying for food or taxi with cash. The app will be there to take care of all the transactions. Simply download the app and select pay or send for the transaction to take place.

Unlike the Paytm ad, the commercial by Freecharge does not assume that everyone already has the app installed. Instead of being patronizing, the ad simply gives people the option of downloading the app so as to make lives easier. With the country moving towards a cashless economy, Freecharge will surely be reducing the sunburn from standing in queues.

However, it needs to be kept in mind that the ads will only appeal to the urban population with Smartphones at their disposal. For others, every day is still a struggle in front of the bank.

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