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For a night of peaceful sleep

One of the important inventions in recent times is adult diapers. But the need for adult diapers, amongst many other, is not really talked about in India. Yet it is a necessity for much of the adult populace, for the ones who suffer from urinary and fecal inconsistency.

Still, daring to talk about this problem and necessity without making it seem like a superficial experience is a latest commercial. The commercial showcases the requirement for adult diapers in a rather beautiful manner.

We all know that the bond between grandparent and grandkids is a beautiful one. The commercial also harps on this bond as a grandfather chastises his grandkid to sleep early. In the commercial, the sweet banter between the two of them seems like a regular occurrence. It also takes into account the regular Indian dialogue of #BasPaanchMinuteAur which begins every morning routine.

As the young guy continues working late into the night, he notices the discomfort of his grandfather who wakes up frequently to use the washroom. Showing his sensitive side, the guy just keeps a packet of FRIENDS adult diaper in the washroom. Without making anyone uncomfortable, the guy ensures proper sleep for his grandfather. The tables now turn as the grandfather realizes the peacefulness of those 5 extra minutes of sleep.

This commercial is a progressive move towards highlighting the necessity of adult diapers. Rather than letting them suffer in silence, adult diapers help elderly people enjoy the finer aspects of life. Including #BasPaanchMinuteAur.

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