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Datsun Vote For Change Campaign


India is predominantly a small car market but ironically first time buyers in small car segment are left with Hobson’s choice. Despite the fact that Indian market is dominated by major global players, few have managed to connect with India’s hunger for transformation when it comes to small cars.

Datsun India’s new brand campaign #VoteForChange tries to engage with India’s young risers while keeping it grounded with a little political touch yet light-hearted in tone. Harping on election as its theme, a series of TVCs shows Vinay Pathak mimicking various politicians and social influencers and appealing to youth to exercise their freedom of choice in the new era of consumer-focused small cars from Datsun.




Capturing fancy of consumer in Digital Age

As Datsun celebrates its third year in India, it goes for the global-local approach. Extending the campaign into TVCs and Social Activations (Viz. Inviting slogans on social media for The Datsun Party), Datsun India is testing the grounds that are fertile enough for small car proliferation. Talking about real problems faced by Indian commuters in Indian conditions, the brand is driving home the point of it being the ultimate solution for Indian consumers. Be it Potholes, or cramped spaces or fuel-price sensitive Indians, this brand from Nissan Motors is ticking all the boxes in the campaign.

It is a mystery that in a market likes India, where people are tech savvy and far more flexible with their choices of smartphones and TVs, are conservative in terms of car buying and keep sticking with one vintage brand. Also, we haven’t seen much campaigns in the small-car brand segment (Apart from Tata Tiago’s )and even campaigns which were there could not highlight their USP in a tone that Indian audience is familiar with. Sure, the margin is low in the segment but imagine the volume in a market like India for a small car manufacturer. The knowledge itself should have inspired global car manufacturers to make a beeline for a pie of the Indian market. But we have seen automakers who rule the world as nothing but another fringe element in Indian car market share.

If we believe experts, it is the lack of in-depth understanding of the conditions and not paying attention to local requirements which have poked even giant motor brand to fail in India. With Datsun’s India focused campaigns, small cars are in the spotlight again. We will have to see how this unfolds in the favor of the brand and the awakened Indian consumers.





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