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Down with ‘special needs’

Down Syndrome

Not special, just human needs

Image result for coordown not special needsApparently, people with Down Syndrome have special needs. That is what the internet and few doctors would have you believe. But according to the people who actually have Down Syndrome, they are more about #NotSpecialNeeds.

On the occasion of World Down Syndrome Day, CoorDown released a video featuring people with Down Syndrome who talk about what exactly qualifies as their special needs. Taking on a satirical approach, the video showcases what exactly falls under the category of special in their dictionary. This involves being fed with dinosaur egg, a suit of armor for grocery shopping, massage by a cat or a celebrity as an alarm clock.

But these are really ridiculous aren’t they? Well, that is exactly what people with Down Syndrome feel when you use the word special needs. So instead of posting articles talking about special needs maybe refer to what they actually want?

The video ends with the narrator and other people talking about their special needs, which involve education, love and acceptance.

Is it really that special and too much to ask for?

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