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Don’t you dare clip our wings

Don’t you dare clip our wings

 The year where women became people

Yes, we all know this was a year of weird outcomes. Certain events took place which has left a void in us and not in a galaxy far far away. But amidst all these dark clouds came the silver lining in the form of ads.

The ads which we are talking about are commercials that considered women not as passive consumers but rather as active participants. Few ads of this year stood out which considered women as decision makers of their own lives. The latest to join this fray is the Nescafe Latte commercial.

While the Nescafe commercials have always been entertaining people with their creative and fresh take on people’s lives, their protagonist has never been a woman. This time, however, Nescafe gets you going with a young woman. Although not as interactive as the Rishi ads, the commercial does put across the point of the young, independent woman.

Keeping up the theme of Nescafe freshness, the commercial shows a young woman late for her first day in college. She wakes herself up with a cup of Nescafe latte and is extremely nervous before entering the classroom. As the commercial ends, the audience realizes that it is indeed her first day in college. But not as a student, she is a teacher.

Another ad that caught our eye was the Jet Airways ad released during Christmas. It shows the interaction between a mother and daughter. At first glance, it seems like the banter is taking place between them in their own house. The conversation is extremely mundane; about wrapping gifts or cooking a particular dish.

It is only as the commercial ends that it is shown that the interaction was over a video call. The commercial by the airline takes into account the mobility of young women, the ones who move out of their house to pursue their varied interests. The decision to come back to her home for the holidays is the girl’s own. Such young independent women are the target group of the commercial, the ones who fly on their own.

Taking away the focus from the urban young woman is the latest Idea 4G ad. Reminiscent of a Swades feel, the protagonist in the commercial aims to start a trend of reverse migration to her village. She takes advantage of the Idea 4G connection to start a factory in her village. The aim is to provide jobs to those who had to leave the village in search of jobs to urban centers.

The fact that the ad acknowledges the decision-making capacities of young women is seen in the tagline of the commercial-“What an Idea didi!”

This New Year, we hope many more commercials focusing on the agency of women come up. After all, a New Year implies a new you!




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