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I don’t care about your opinion

I don’t care about your opinion

Clothes are clothes

Remember that time you had to hide your spaghetti top beneath a shawl or change your sleeveless top because it was deemed ‘untraditional’? Well, sadly those times still continue and the moral policing of girls does not seem to be taking any respite., the clothing website has released commercial asking girls not to worry about what they wear. Clothes are pieces of threads put together. They might or might not be the reflection of someone’s personality. But what one wears is not anyone else’s business.


Yet the mentality of judging a girl by what she wears has not worn off. It is always the girl’s fault; the direct result of what she was wearing that ‘instigates’ the testosterone of otherwise innocent guys. The ‘why’ and ‘how could you’ is always for the girls. No finger is ever pointed to the actual assailants.

Even when thousands of girls were molested in Bangalore on New Year’s Eve, the blame was put on them for drinking and wearing apparently short clothes. No onus on the ones who thought it was their entitlement to harass girls due to some preconceived notion of morality.

The #NotWhatIWear campaign by Ajio tackles this clothing mentality of the people. Don’t be shy. Wear what you want. Wear what you are.


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