Don Draper is back!


Everyone’s raving about Mad Men’s idea

No matter how much we might plead for the show to be back, there is no chance of that happening. Yet, the ad world is being treated with Don Draper’s presence once again.

Ten years ago, the fictional world of Mad Men was created with the idea of showcasing the way creatives were changing in a world which was still not aware with minimalism (or at least, it had not gathered any momentum till then). In the world of Don Draper, the tagline ‘Pass the Heinz’ was as minimalistic as it could be. Instead of blatant product placement, viewers would be greeted with visuals of tempting food like burgers. But hogging that down without Heinz would not be really fulfilling.

Fifty years later from the fictional universe of Mad Men, in a rare instance where art-meets-reality; the idea presented in the show has been approved and released by Kraft Heinz.While the ad was turned down in the series, it has actually made a comeback in a world where less is becoming more. It is now in 2017 that ‘Pass the Heinz’ has come to stay and one assumes that it might become as iconic as the show itself.

Image result for heinz pass the heinz

Image result for heinz pass the heinz

The series of print ads carry the same flavour from the show. The campaign was created by ad agency David Miami and credits have been attributed to Sterling Cooper  Draper Pryce as well. Part ad and partly a PR stunt, the campaign certainly draws attention towards the brand and the power inherent in a strong idea, no matter wherever it comes from.

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