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‘This bond we got, let nobody break it’.

Mother’s Day is here and brands are prepared to bombard customers with ideas about how to appreciate one’s mother. Not that there is anything wrong with such gestures, but more often than our focus is on just the birth mothers.

However, Nivea with its latest commercial #JustLikeMaa is trying to break the mold. The commercial reminds us that a mother is someone who cares for you and looks after your well-being. It need not necessarily be someone who gave birth to the child. There are a number of mother-like figures out there who deserve as much respect as birth mothers. They might be one’s nanny, a teacher who helped through the tough times, a helping hand with whom one took their first steps. All of them have in one way or another fulfilled what is labeled as ‘motherly duties’.

The Nivea commercial shows a lady in blue and white saree talking to a child, telling her that she will be receiving a lot of love in her new place. There is not much of product placement except for the blue tin from which the lady applies lotion on the girl. As they walk out hand-in-hand, it is revealed that the lady is a caretaker in an orphanage. But she is no less a mother than the woman adopting her.

It is the time we start appreciating such figures in our life and also wish them a Happy Mother’s Day. After all, even if they are not our mothers, they are #JustLikeMaa.


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