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I didn’t realize who I was until I stopped being who I wasn’t

womens day

I am a Woman

We all celebrated International Women’s Day with that special woman in our lives. Sexist family members forwarded respectful messages for a change and co-workers tried to control ‘casual’ sexism.  Brands came up with powerful messages that talked about different aspects and strengths of a woman. A number of ads took a different look at International Women’s Day and gave ads that would drive conversations about a woman’s safety and security every single day even after March 8th.

But all of the ads seemed to have forgotten a section of the populace. However, UrbanClap rectified the missing link in their commercial.  It starts on a confusing note when a woman invites her close friends and family for a party in the evening. The party is for someone’s first Women’s Day. Throughout the commercial, the audience is led to believe that it is probably for a granddaughter who is going to be introduced to being a woman.

But the surprise comes at the end when the mother gets excited with the screeching halt of a honking car. Her neighbor cannot understand the excitement as the car belongs to her son, Vikram. Then the door opens and in walks Vaishali. Her son has transitioned into her true self- a woman. Hence, it is her First Women’s Day.

What other brands failed to take into account are women who identify as women or women who have transitioned into one. But UrbanClap takes this neglected minority into account and showcases how love and acceptance begin at home. Moreover, it does so without any sort of overt brand positioning. The people from UrbanClap simply hover in the background, helping with the setting.

Way to go UrbanClap. Kudos to a well thought and necessary concept for International Women’s Day!

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