Decoding future with Microsoft


Transforming digitally

That the world is turning digital has already been established. This, however, does beget the question when, how and where? Coming to answer this question along with showcasing the power of the digital is Future Decoded 2017 from Microsoft.

After all, Future Decoded is all about re-envisioning the business model. Going digital will help you embrace an advanced manner of interacting with people, data, and processes. Furthermore, being the industry leader in innovations that disrupt the general thinking, Microsoft ensures that your company will be able to develop new capabilities.

With an intelligent cloud platform, the reinvention of productivity and opportunities for personal computing, Future Decoded is all about giving you a variety of digital options to choose from. In fact, forwarding a number of Digital India initiatives, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella has announced the launch of Skype Lite. Supporting Aadhar identity, the Skype Lite will engage B2B and G2C services taking help of the Microsoft cloud technology.

Optimizing your business prospects becomes easier with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 which is both an ultra-thin laptop and beautiful stand-on-its-own tablet. It comes with a 16 GB DDR3 RAM. Working on the go becomes easier with this Surface Pro 4 as it runs on all types of software. Moreover, it is extremely light in weight, making it easier to carry it around. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 also lets you explore your creative side with a stunning PixelSense Display with pen and touch.

With subscription plans like Office 365 giving access to the Internet-enabled productivity services; Future Decoded helps you explore opportunities that will empower the employee in the office environment. An intelligent, flexible and secure workplace certainly goes a long way in helping boost the productivity of the employees.

The keynotes address at Future Decoded is about integrating data and algorithm into your businesses. These addresses are also helpful in developing an architecture for your business to make it holistically digital.

When intelligent responses are at your disposal, it becomes easier to keep customers engaged for a longer period of time. Future Decoded provides you with the pathway regarding how exactly you can do this without compromising on your services in any way. Services like Microsoft Cloud, CRM online technology etc. enhances the customer engagement experience.

Future Decoded provides businesses with ideas about how to transform products and services. Microsoft provides with such solutions which will enable you to capture different opportunities for your benefit. Businesses partnering with Microsoft gain mobility, social and analytic solutions which integrate a customer service experience. Expansion of digital capabilities becomes easier with Microsoft.

Those needing hands-on experience, Future Decoded also has an immersive experiential zone which features cutting edge technologies.  These are the technologies that will take India forward to a digital future.


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