A Crunchy Twist to the Sweet Romance

A Crunchy Twist to the Sweet Romance

Cadbury Silk is back with a crunch

What happens when the melting sweetness of a gooey chocolate gets mixed with the crunch of cookies? Another Cadbury silk happens, that’s what. This time the Cadbury Silk comes with the crunch of Oreos in them.

Set in a hospital, the focus of the commercial is on the crunchiness along with the smoothness of the chocolate. When the commercial starts, the audience assumes that this is just another commercial for the regular Cadbury Silk chocolate. As the guy moves to sign the plaster of her fractured hand, a crunching sound occurs and he thinks it is probably her hand. But then the girl surprises him by taking out the chocolate underneath her sheets and the audience is introduced to the new Silk Oreo.

While the chocolate certainly seems like a sweet surprise for the New Year, one might peer closely into an ad released by the company earlier this year. Although the chocolate was not released in India, the commercial focussed on the friendship between Cadbury and Oreo cookies.

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