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Cosmetics for the real you

Cosmetics for the real you

Prepare to be bedazzled with this ad

Think cosmetics and the first thing that comes to mind is flashy lights and popular film stars promoting how their eyeliner stays even after hours of work. It is all about being confident because of the cosmetics which suddenly make you look good.

Breaking this troupe is a new commercial by Eyetex Dazzler. The commercial has the perfect setting for the promotion of its cosmetics. A wedding with a beautiful bride, being decked with make-up for her big day. As usual, her mother oversees the whole process while the artist puts on the eyeliner and the lipstick. The happiness on her mother’s face is palpable, after all, her daughter is getting married.

At the first glance, everything seems the usual, a girl, a mother, and make-up. But the twist in the tale comes when her groom visits the room and the audience sees only the smile on her face. She extends her hands as his presence is felt, but she cannot see him. Her blindness is a part of her beauty and that is what the commercial aimed at showing.

Real cosmetics for real people is the pitch that the company is putting forward and it seems to be working really well. The commercial is a breath of fresh air amidst the entire dazzling cosmetics ad which focuses on how make up ends up turning a woman confident.

On watching the commercial again, one realizes the main subtlety in the ad-the way the eyeliner glides over her eyes. Real people, old, young, blind, deaf, dumb; cosmetics is for everyone. It is about feeling beautiful, not impressing others.

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