Connecting through music

MTV Beats

The bond amongst two souls

“Without music, life would be a mistake”- Nietzsche

Remember the good old days when MTV used to play music before a plethora of shows took over? Well, those days of nostalgia are gone with Viacom18 launching MTV BEATS, re-igniting the fervor for Bollywood music in India.  MTV BEATS aims to be the one-stop destination for music lovers; 24X7.

To promote the channel, a new commercial has been launched that celebrates the strong relationship that people have with music. In fact, MTV BEATS takes this relationship a bit further in its latest commercial.

Beginning like a typical Hindi serial, it keeps the viewers engaged with the suspense of a pregnant girl. But suddenly songs start playing from her belly (the unborn child) and she goes on to entertain people at various parties. The viewer keeps on scratching their head, wondering about the link between her pregnancy and the music.

But then the big expose happens, impregnation by a television as she felt aroused with the songs being played on the TV. Cue tip, tip barsa pani to set the mood. Ultimately proving the point-music has a bond as strong as the one between two soul-mates. It is a passionate affair as well.

After all, yeh bandhan toh pyar ka bandhan hai. Good job by MTV in building up the suspense to promote the love for music. Ultimately it is all about Blood mein hai beat.


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