Concentrate on your chicken

Concentrate on your chicken

Mind your chicken

Watching movies like Transcendent and Inception makes you wonder about the power of the mind. No matter how much we deny it, we have all tried to be Matilda. KFC for the promotion of its Nashville Chicken gave people the chance to experience the power of their minds.

The on-ground event which took place in a mall in Mumbai tested the concentration level of the customers. The challenge was to open a box containing Nashville chicken by concentrating on the box. Wearing a Neurosky- a mind-reading headset which monitors brain activity, the consumers were analyzed on their concentration level from 1-100.

Those who could reach a concentration level of 100 could pop open the Treasure Box and devour their new range of Nashville chicken. Nashville chicken is already a rage abroad and the franchise is trying to popularize it in the Indian market.

And what better way to popularize it than involve the consumers themselves. A combination of technology with finger licking goodness made for an interactive session for the consumers. A few of those who could open the box also walked away with goodies. One of the participants won a ticket to the land of origin-Nashville while another won a year’s supply of KFC.

This is not the first attempt to promote the Nashville chicken. The brand had previously released a spot around the same offering.

Yes, once you have the Nashville chicken, everything and everyone does turn into a chicken. So what are you waiting for? Go try it out. And no you do not need your concentration, just your wallet.


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