Chuck Tales: Game of Thrones meets Stranger Things

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The dream crossover

Intrigued by the headline yet? If not, then check out the commercial right now to understand what exactly we are talking about. Chuck Taylors, the most comfortable footwear since the 1970’s, has released one of its most EDM-infused commercials till now.

Apart from an array of rappers and boundary breaking models, the most popular faces that stand out are Millie Bobbie Brown and Maisie Williams. It seems like Eleven from Stranger Things loves wearing Chuck Taylors in the 80’s as well as the present year. Moreover Arya Stark, (Maisie Williams) would really prefer wearing the Chuck Taylors had Game of Thrones was a true story playing out in 2017.

Do keep your eyes on the commercial to spot your two favorite actors. Moreover, be warned, the music is going to ring in your ears for a long time to come. But the one thing that everyone will agree with is Forever Chuck.

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