A Christmas carol for everyone

A Christmas carol for everyone

A tail of Christmas

“It was the night before Christmas….” begins the Christmas advert from the e-commerce company Snapdeal. Carrying forward the #UnboxZindagi campaign, this time Snapdeal has gifts for someone special. While all of us are celebrating the silent and holy night with our friends and family, there are certain four-legged creatures looking for someone to look after them. It is these creatures that Snapdeal caters to in its latest promotional commercial.

Set in an animal shelter, the commercial depicts the story of two too adorable puppies, Timmy and Josy. A few youngsters tiptoe around the shelter, decorating the place, replete with a Christmas tree and the star. Careful not to disturb the puppies, the youngsters keep the signature Snapdeal box by their side. Perking up their doggy senses, the puppies explore the box and find that they now have a cozy new bed. This Christmas, the puppies are adopted!

As Timmy and Josy enjoy their gifts, the other resident creatures of the house wake up and move towards the youngsters. All the adorable dogs and cats get something from Snapdeal. After all, why limit Christmas to only two-legged creatures. If Christmas is about spreading cheer, then everyone deserves an equal share of it.

Oh and you won’t shy away from watching the video again and again and again. Maybe some of us would actually have a new companion this New Years after this adorable advertisement.

Bark! The herald angels wag their tails!

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