Spreading smiles, celebrating life: Himalaya’s latest campaign


The brand had launched this photographic campaign journey last year

The Himalaya Sparking White Toothpaste’s initiative “Celebrating Life” finally calls it a wrap. The photographic campaign was launched in December 2015 with Siddhartha Joshi, a street photographer and travel enthusiast. As a part of the Smiles of India drive, the campaign spread positivity which was captured by Joshi’s lens.

Joshi traveled to 10 cities and captured almost 1000 pictures as a part of this initiative. The brand aimed to capture the stories created by spreading happiness across India. Within the cities he traveled, he met people who lived and celebrated life with new vigor. He began his journey in Pune where he captured the “Katta Culture” and moved on to Mumbai. In Mumbai, he captured the street hawkers before moving on to Lucknow for the traditional art of Chikankari and later to Ranchi, Bhubaneshwar, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Varanasi, Jaipur before reaching its climax in Guwahati.

The Smiles of India initiative got almost 12,000 views per month since its launch.

Some of the campaign pictures are:

Himalaya-Celebrating-Life-Campaign-ahmedabad Himalaya-Celebrating-Life-Campaign-assam Himalaya-Celebrating-Life-Campaign-banaras Himalaya-Celebrating-Life-Campaign-bhubaneshwar Himalaya-Celebrating-Life-Campaign-chandigarh Himalaya-Celebrating-Life-Campaign-jaipur Himalaya-Celebrating-Life-Campaign-lucknow Himalaya-Celebrating-Life-Campaign-mumbai Himalaya-Celebrating-Life-Campaign-pune

Source: Smiles of India Official
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