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Best Christmas ads to start ringing the bell for the festival

Best Christmas ads to start ringing the bell for the festival

The hunt for a Christian friend begins now

John Lewis has released its advertisement for 2016. This means people in the UK (and maybe elsewhere) can now start feeling the Christmas spirit. The idea of a Christmas adverts serves the same purpose as in India. Marketing your products while building up the anticipation of the celebration. With Diwali and its myriad of advertisements out of the way, we bring you a collection of the best Christmas advertisements. After all, a festival is a festival, right?

Carol of the advertisements
John Lewis, 2011

An impatient child sets the pace for Christmas in this advertisement. Throughout the commercial, we feel the restlessness of the child and assume that he cannot wait for his Christmas gifts. But when the day comes, audiences realize that the impatience was for the gift he had bought for his parents. After all, John Lewis has the gifts you can’t wait to give.

John Lewis, 2012

A year before Frozen released, John Lewis gave us a more romantic Olaf with a better half. Set to the tunes of ‘The Power of Love’ by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, the advertisement traces the journey of a snowman who can’t bear to see the bare twigs, er, hands of his lady love. Climbing mountains and crossing crowded streets, the Snowman finds the perfect pair of scarves and gloves for her. Just like the snowman, you can bank upon John Lewis to give a little more love this Christmas.

Our Verdict (for both)-Will make grumpy cat smile

Sainsbury 2014

Celebrating 100 years of Christmas Day football match during the WWI, Sainsbury partnered with Royal British Legion for this ad. Even amidst the hostilities of WWI, soldiers from both sides had upheld the Christmas spirit and engaged in a friendly football match on No man’s land. Sainsbury keeps the emotions of that day alive, just with a minor addition of chocolate. The promotion was done to donate the profits from the chocolate bar to a veteran’s charity.

Sainsbury 2015

Ever popular Mog, The Cat, the fictional feline by Judith Kerr is the star of the 2015 Sansbury ad. Christmas takes a different turn in Mog’s house after a series of disasters upsets the family’s plans. While the whole family is brooding over the spoilt house, their neighbors, in true Christian spirit help the family celebrate Christmas. Given that Christmas is for sharing, the neighbors help Mog’s family clean up and taste the revelries with everyone else.

Our Verdict (for both)-Tears and laughter galore

Lidl Christmas, 2015

Lidl took the preparation involved for Christmas and turned it into a commercial, without really advertising itself. The Lidl #SchoolofChristmas is the educational institution you wish would actually crop up before Christmas. From untangling fairy lights to cooking the perfect dishes, this school teaches everything. All hail the I-wish-it-was-real Lidl School.

Verdict-Martha Stewart would be proud

UNICEF, 2012

UNICEF takes the audience back to the time when Christ was born and shows the Three Magi trying to decide on the gifts for baby Christ. Keeping the setting almost similar to the Passion of Christ, the advertisement combines UNICEF’s message with the Christmas spirit. The commercial shows that incense sticks, gold, and myrrh are not what a child needs. Rather the investment needs to be made in vaccines and medicines.

The Sequel

Sequel to the Magis’ gifts commercial is the one with Mary, Jesus’s mother. She comes to the market to return the myrrh gifted to her baby Jesus. The theme of the commercial is the same; gift something that is required by a child to survive.

Verdict-NSFW giggles

Will you hear what we have to say

The reason that Christmas advertisements are popular is because there is no overt consumerism involved. Advertisers focus on the feeling of joviality and humanity that is a part of Christmas. They ensure that the commercials start with the aura of Christmas and only bring in the product at the end. Inspiration drives people to watch the advertisement. The emotional connection resonates well with the people who are looking to do something good.
Advertisements by John Lewis resonates well with the people for they reflect pieces of everyday life. The elemental combination of love and life makes the anticipation for the supermarket’s ads almost similar to a Marvel movie.

Christmas is for everyone

Sainsbury made a bold attempt with the WWI ad for it had to get the location and other facts correct. Instilling feelings of patriotism with Christmas gave people a peek into what Christmas feels like for those away from home.
Featuring Mog the cat was an attempt showing the friendly and neighborly spirit that is amongst all of us. Love Thy Neighbour takes a poignant meaning with this ad, albeit in a humorous way.

The ad by Lidl plays into people’s fantasies and that is what makes the commercial so popular amongst the audiences. Creating an experience for the audiences, it actually showcases the efforts people put in to make their Christmas special.

UNICEF brings in people’s attention to the fact that not everyone is privileged enough to celebrate Christmas. In fact , there are children who will face death or a deathly disease even before being able to dream about Santa. The social message does well to promote the fact that children need more than just love to survive.

With a combination of tissues and tears of joy, these advertisements hype up the days to Christmas. And when the day comes it is all about family and merry making. So, time to find a Christian friend maybe?

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