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Moving forward with baby steps

How many times have people used the word sad and depressed interchangeably? Too many to keep a track. But only those who suffer from depression know about the dark abyss that they suffer from. They suffer not only from depression but also because of the lack of acknowledgment. And sometimes when the acknowledgment is received, it is more of a ridicule.

Depression is a personal struggle and not an easy one. It is not something which goes away with tubs of ice –cream or just through the emotional support of people around us. Apart from psychological help and anti-depressants, depression is also about taking baby steps to overcome it.

Blush has released a spot which talks about these very baby steps. It is the story of Avani Patel which has been released in honor of International Day of Women’s Health. A marine biologist by qualification, she now runs a travel agency called Broken Compass.

But her journey of establishing this company was not an easy one. Stuck in an emotionally abusive marriage, she slowly started losing her self-worth. Before even realizing it, she was spiraling towards depression. The spot narrates her experience of depression.

But one day she decided to take the matter into her own hand. After all, it is all about #IMendMe. With baby steps, she renewed and took up her passion for cycling and running. Her baby steps are still going on and one day might be more difficult than the other.

But what the spot says is that it is the trying that matters.



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