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Bending under pressure


Parents put more pressure than exams

Board exams are around the corner. Once the exams are over, the entrance exams take a forefront. But more than the pressure of examinations it is the pressure put on by parents that pushes students over the edge. In India, Sharma ji ka beta has always been better. In terms of marks, co-curricular activities and everything else for that matter, the neighbor’s kid has always been better.

Parents in India pressurize their children to such an extent that depression and suicidal thoughts have become a common factor amongst most teenagers. Although there is changing tide rising amongst a few parents, more often than not they hold on to their dreams of IIT-IIM and medical through the children. Yet no one can fathom the thoughts and feelings of the children as they try to fulfill their parent’s ambitions and expectations.

Emphasizing the side of the kids is this video by Miranda. It shows children reeling under exam pressure writing letters to their parents penning their real feelings. A common theme runs across all these letters. The children talk about how they try to make their parents happy. And yet nothing ever seems to be enough. The parents are also made to read the letters.

Maybe this video by Mirinda is the wake-up call needed by parents in India to understand their children. It is after all not always about their hopes, expectations, and name. Sometimes the wishes of children also need to be important enough.

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