Because this is America

Because this is America

Honor the blood and sweat of the immigrants

When one of the most popular countries of the world is reeling under the effect of its President, a beer company has dared to break the norms.  Budweiser was always one to tickle the funny bones of its consumer with its Super Bowl ads. But this time the brand has taken the political route with its latest commercial ‘Born the hard way’.

Consequently, the commercial which is like a mini-documentary chronicles the journey of one of the founders of Budweiser-Busch. The commercial documents the hardships he had to face as an immigrant to America. But it was also in America that he also found home and acceptance and went on to brew one of the most famous beers in the world.

The commercial comes in the wake of executive orders by Trump.The order bans refugees and immigrants from about 7 Muslim countries. Criticizing this are the Americans themselves who have taken to the streets in protest.

That America has been built with the blood and sweat of immigrants is poignantly captured in the commercial. America has always been great and its greatness comes from its cosmopolitan and accepting environment.

No one has the right to change that.

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