An Australian in India


Wagga Wagga aye aye

We know the tune is going to be in your mind for some time now. But we are actually not talking about the famous FIFA song. Playing it in the background, while reading this article is a different matter of course.

However, what we are talking about in this piece is an Australian oil brand, Wagga Wagga, trying to establish its name in India. No, it does not have Hugh Jackman as its brand ambassador. But it does have an Australian endorsing the name and that too in an extremely quirky manner.

A series of TVCs features Lucy, the Australian protagonist in her Punjabi in-laws household.  Although viewers might question the authenticity of an Australian spending the rest of her life in rural Punjab, the commercials nevertheless manage to get its point across. The commercial(s) cleverly talks about the various benefits of the oil, the main point being diabetes friendly.

The Wagga Wagga oil claims to tackle various health concerns. As such it has a number of products under it- Wagga Wagga diabetes care, Wagga Wagga heart care, Wagga Wagga sautés and salad and Wagga Wagga superfry.

In a market currently dominated by the Made in India brand, Patanjali, it is left to be seen how the new product fares amongst consumers.

Although, be ready to have questions plaguing your mind-how does she whip up those tikkis? Nevertheless, the brand’s attempt to dominate the Indian market certainly needs to be appreciated. One can only hope it does not end up being a slippery affair. And if it does establish a name, none of us would mind a shirtless Hugh Jackman. Or one of the Hemsworth brothers. Wagga Wagga, we are looking at you.


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