The American Horror Story…of taxes

The American Horror Story…of taxes

Even Humpty needs to do his taxes

Intuit’s TurboTax knows about the burden on Americans. That is for the past four years it has been trying to make the intricacies involved in taxation easier for people to understand. The company has roped in celebrities for their quirky ads and have been quite successful in showcasing their features.

Kathy Bates of American Horror Story fame stars in one of their spots that feature a live human advising her about her taxation moves. The spot points out the difficulty that people face while taking their taxation decisions. So instead of waiting for help, TurboTax lets you talk face to face with a taxation expert on the phone itself.

The spot is hilarious as it plays on the actor’s presence in American Horror Story.  The actor is shown to have moved into a new house but is troubled by the presence of ghostly children. She calls up an expert on TurboTax and wonders if she could claim them as dependents.  Although the expert advises her wisely, the humor of the spot certainly cracks one up.

Another of their Super Bowl commercial features the timeless Humpty Dumpty. All the king’s men and horses as well as doctors and police try and put him back together. But the timeless question plagues everyone. While it is not clear how he fell, the commercial does tell us what he was doing on the wall. He was simply doing his taxes on the TurboTax app on his phone while sitting on the wall. Why? Because you can!



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