There is an actual Jarvis in town

There is an actual Jarvis in town

Iron man comes to life

When Iron Man gave us J.A.R.V.I.S, we all swooned over the Artificial Intelligence (AI) that only Tony Stark could come up with. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook also seems to be a fan. Given his love for coding, last year he had announced that he would be building an AI for his residence. And he seems to have kept his word as a recent vlog posted by him, shows.

Keeping the fandom alive, he has named his AI Jarvis. The AI is his personal assistant at home, helping him in his tasks from the moment he wakes up till the time he sleeps. Responding to his voice, the AI keeps a track of his meeting and helps him get ready for work. The vlog shot in an adorably awkward manner shows Jarvis cannon balling Mark his signature gray shirt as he asks for a fresh shirt.

Apart from helping him spend time with his daughter Max, Jarvis also teaches her Mandarin to help be in touch with her roots. The AI constantly keeps an eye on her as it warns the family in a dramatic manner about Max getting out of the room.

The vlog also takes a dig at Nickelback when Mark asks Jarvis to play some of their good songs. It replies that the band has none. With Jarvis in tow, Mark continues to annoy his wife. Texting ‘lights off’ to the AI while his wife is still reading falls in the category of annoying habits.

One of the greatest achievements of Jarvis in Zuckerberg’s life is probably helping him not burn the toast.

Apart from Zuckerberg’s vlog, there is also a vlog with Priscilla, his wife, documenting her own experiences with the AI. Her experience with Jarvis is a bit different. Although she does enjoy the comfort, the AI’s response to only her husband’s voice is a thorn. Moreover, she is the one who has the bear the brunt of Zuckerberg’s experimentation.

Nevertheless, the fact that Jarvis has been voiced by Morgan Freeman seems to reduce the stress level.With this successful AI, Mark Zuckerberg is nothing less than a real-life Iron Man. We wonder what will be his next challenge to himself.

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