A Lite boost

A Lite boost

Decoding a Lite future

A keynote address by Satya Nadela, the CEO of Microsoft at the Future Decoded convention seems to be taking forward the Digital India initiative. He announced the launch of the Skype Lite for the mobile versions.

Taking advantage of the Microsoft cloud technology, the Skype Lite in India is about linking the Aadhar cards. He believes, after all, it will revolutionize the way candidate verification processes can occur at big companies and SMEs. With the help of OTPs, Skype Lite can help people in rural areas connect with their loved ones. In fact, employers can interview potential candidates for job interviews.

The Lite app is easily switchable between Wi-Fi and data network. It is also integrated with SMS and mobile calling features.  Moreover, the app is about catering to B2B and G2C services.

At the moment, the app works on Android and in 7 Indian languages.

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