Y-Films 6 Pack Band’s latest video salutes the movie Sultan


The band’s sixth and final single “Raula Paye Gaya” is out and it rocks!

The Cannes Glass Grand Prix winner, 6 pack band, in its latest video is seen teaming up with Sufi singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. The video “Raula Paye Gaya”, a salute to the upcoming Salman flick “Sultan”, also features Anushka Sharma.

After partnering with biggies like Sonu Nigam, Hrithik Roshan, Zanai Bhosle, Arjun Kapoor in its previous outings, this video is a perfect close to their amazing streak. It is sure to take the social media by storm (the video has already reached a lakh views on YouTube!)

The band’s crux is similar to that of Sultan – an indomitable spirit to fight against all odds. The song in the video preaches what it takes to be a ‘Sachcha’ or true Sultan. This makes for a perfect combination and a fitting ode to the band.

The campaign might have reached its closure, but it has left behind an inspiration that will help millions.

Watch the final ode here:

Source: Y-Films YouTube Channel
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